A LASER SIMULATION SOFTWARE ASLD software package is a tool that enables laser manufacturers to design various solid-state resonators and amplifiers that fulfill their needs. The program has been designed and implemented using state-of-the-art programming techniques. The algorithms used for laser simulation have been specifically formulated for fast and precise execution. They have been developed through intensive research and published in numerous professional journals and conferences. Optimise the design process by using the powerful simulation tools of the ASLD software package. Stability analysis Automatic approximation of thermal lensing effects Thermal and structural Finite-Element Analysis Vectorial BPM (Beam Propagation Method) for amplifiers Dynamic Multi-mode Analysis (DMA) of high and low         order laser modes Super Gaussian Modes for analysis of high power lasers Ray tracing for pump light configuration SIMULATION PROGRAMS APPLICATIONS Design and the simulation of multi-level solid-state laser resonators and amplifier (with Nd:YAG, Yb:YAG, Er:YAG, Er:Glass, Ho:YAG, etc.) Single and double pass amplifiers, gain guiding Calculation of output power, beam quality, pulse-width, and repetition frequency Interionic mechanisms like upconversion, energy transfer, and cross-relaxation Stability analysis (polarization dependent) Rigorous calculation of mechanical strain, stress and birefringence Resonators with multiple crystals High power lasers, like thin disk (slab) laser with different shapes Actively Q-switched lasers   Passive Q-switch simulations including lasers with saturable absorbers Cr:YAG Pulsed lasers with SESAM Polarization effects Thermal effects, wavefront distortion Second harmonic generation SHG Pumping design (pump spectrum, pumping geometry, pulsed pumping, etc.) Parameter analysis Simulation programs of ASLD are listed here: © ASLD 2018 About ASLD Home | Features | News | Contact | Imprint | Privacy Notice   The software About ASLD Software description Graphical user interface Publications Services Request demo & Price list Distributors