Graphical User Interface © ASLD  2018 Users can easily modify all parameters of the resonator, by graphical interface. Modifiable parameters include lens thickness, mirrors, and pumping/crystal configurations. A flexible graphical user interface also allows the setting of general boundary conditions for thermal analysis. The results of the thermal and structural analysis are then used to automatically calculate the thermal lensing effect of laser crystals. ABOUT GUI Some points of the user friendly ASLD GUI are summarized below:  Material data base for different laser crystals. Insert all optical elements directly into the resonator GUI; thin and thick lenses, mirrors, Q-switch, and other optical elements. Automatic calculation of the thermal lensing effects. Modules for choosing simulation algorithms and parameters. Easy to use visualization tools. 2- and 3-dimensional data output and visualization. FEATURES Home | Features | News | Contact | Imprint  The software About ASLD Software description Graphical user interface Publications Services Request demo & Price list Distributors